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Don’t tell me it’s just November! Start thinking about it now!

I’m not saying I like the Christmas stuff going on the sales floor before the Halloween stuff at Cracker Barrel. I’m just saying that it would absolutely make my day if you’d mull this over. Continue reading

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Under the weather and a big pile of blankets.

So here I am, spending my lovely Saturday in bed. Mom just walked out the door with the final words, “Gracie, you’re in charge,” which bestowed the authority of head of household upon our cat. Now, I know that cats are supposed to be able to tell when you’re sick and curl up with you and make you well, but I’m pretty sure that Gracie’s only goal is to get at my ginger ale on the bedside table. Continue reading

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Three Poems for an Old Love.

Here’s something fun for my readers. This post is pretty much the summation of my diary from 8th grade through my Freshman year of high school. Continue reading

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Something about a new apron.

My Papaw has taken it upon himself to present each of his grandchildren with their first pocketknife and their first gun. Yes. I own a gun. Anyway, as the youngest, tonight Hannah was the last grandchild to receive her knife. You’ve never seen a preteen girl so content with a birthday gift. Continue reading

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