Snoops, the big old house, and my first post in two months.

Here are the meager beginnings of a story I came up with today.  My goal is to write short stories to read to my kids someday: my students as well as my own children.  This is a humble start.  But it is a start.  I hope you enjoy it.


“Snoops was eleven years old and she’d never been quite normal.  It wasn’t certain if she read too much because she was odd, or if she was odd because she read too much.  But about these two things there was little doubt: Snoops was odd.  And she did read far too much.  Snoops’ family had just moved from the busy city to a big old house next to a lake in the country.  Maybe you could call it a mansion, except that mansions are supposed to be nice and shiny and full of butlers.  This was a cold, dark, empty, big old stone house.

Now certainly at some point you have come upon some place or another in this world that made you just absolutely certain that it was magical.  Perhaps it was a dark forest at twilight, or a well you wished upon, or a dusty attic.  And it does seem that anything really ancient and just a little bit frightening is more likely to feel magical than anything new and safe.  Indeed, the house was very antiquated and at night especially it scared her even more than a little bit, so from the very moment she set foot within its walls, Snoops felt sure that old magic hung in the air.

So for the first days and the first weeks in the new old house, Snoops kept her eyes peeled for anything suspiciously magical-looking, And she knew just what to look for because thankfully, Snoops had a grown-up sister named Adelle who had taught her from a very young age how to spot magic.  Whenever she wasn’t in school, Snoops spent her time learning all the twisty little hallways and crooked staircases in the house.  She opened every door, peeked down every rabbit hole in the gardens, took every interesting-looking book off the shelf, and even checked to make sure there were no evergreen forests in any of the wardrobes.  But the more Snoops looked for magic, the more elusive it became, and the more discouraged she became.  It wasn’t long before she was too busy with school to spend much time at all thinking about magic, and when she did think of it, she only thought that perhaps she was getting a little too old to be believing in childish things like magic.”


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