Thanks for teaching me more than my Biology class, Caribou.

“Such is beauty ever– neither here nor there, now nor then, neither in Rome nor in Athens, but wherever there is a soul to admire.  If I seek her elsewhere because I do not find her at home, my search will prove a fruitless one.”                                                                                                                                                         -Henry David Thoreau

I know I should be as fascinated as my prof by all these grisly photos of flesh-eating bacteria syndrome, but I’m really just not.  I’d rather sit here and skype with my boyfriend at his job at Dunder-Mifflin.  Okay, he doesn’t actually work for Dunder-Mifflin, but I’m convinced from his description that it’s kind of like that.  Anyway, he had to leave me on skype to actually go do some work (likely with paper) and I have been left with a lecture which has now moved on to Bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Awesome.

But as my good buddy Thoreau always says, beauty exists wherever there is a soul to admire.  Could there possibly be beauty anywhere in this lecture hall?  I don’t know, my Caribou iced tropical green tea is pretty beautiful.  Er, it was beautiful, until I drank it all.  And I can only jab my straw at the ice and noisily slurp at the dregs for so long before I start to get the stink-eye from my classmates.  Actually, I think I crossed that line about five minutes ago.  So now I’m just left with a cup.  My cup runneth not over.  My glass is not half-full.  Heck, I’d gladly take a glass half-empty right now.  My glass is tapped out.

Since I’ve already described the nature of this Biology lecture, I’m sure you can understand why I just became intensely interested in my empty plastic cup.  And if you’ve ever had Caribou coffee (or tea) before, I’m sure you won’t judge me for said interest.  Caribou cups are always covered with all sorts of nifty ideas and noble goals and inspiring thoughts.  I don’t know if they are really that great, but right now they are way more inspiring than the infectious diseases powerpoint on the overhead projector.  I guess I’ll let you decide.

Don’t wait for New Year’s to make a resolution. Sing out loud. You’ll only be your current age once. Learn to say thank-you in ten languages.  Savor every sip. Be the first to enter and the last to leave the dance floor.  Indulge in chocolate therapy. Plant lots of trees.  Be the ruler of your own life. Dare to adventure.  Only look back if it makes you smile. Step 1. Rake leaves.  Step 2. Jump.  Marshmallows have no nutritional value, and that’s ok. Donate blood.  You have plenty.  Get your hands dirty. Pour yourself a cup full of karma.  Dance in the rain. Be the first to apologize.  Have a favorite charity. Lighten up.  Spin the globe then pack your bags.

Beauty found.  Thanks, Thoreau.  Thanks, Caribou.  Thanks, Biology lecture.

*Footnote: Please, Caribou Coffee, don’t sue me for copying all the nifty sayings off your cup.  I’m just trying to spread some cheer.


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2 Responses to Thanks for teaching me more than my Biology class, Caribou.

  1. Michael says:

    I had come here to comment that you should update your blog more, but it appears you beat me to it.

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