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When does this place become home?

I dedicate this, my longest post, to my dear friend, Caleb, whose excellent stories are always long and sometimes entertaining. This is my second semester here at IUPUI, and it’s never for a moment felt like home.  Ball State was … Continue reading

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Patience and Paper Football: My illusions of classroom management grandeur get sacked.

Why do we always scheme to contain the disruptive kids?  I mean, it’s a noble goal, but maybe we’re going at it from the wrong angle.  I don’t want to “contain” any of my students. I want to make them … Continue reading

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Standing under a clear sky in rain boots.

I’ve been stressing about school again.  And you’re shocked, I know.  But I promise I won’t be as long-winded about it this time as I was a week ago.  I shouldn’t be taking a break from my studying to blog … Continue reading

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Pardon my schizophrenia. Or failure. Or why the Hipsters won’t even take me.

Today I’m drowning my sorrows and fears and stress in milk and chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookies.  It started when I woke up at 10 am and realizing I’d slept through my 5:15 am alarm and two classes.  I’d like to … Continue reading

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A snippet of a new story.

Not a very long post today.  I’m working on some other writing.  But I thought I would keep my beloved readers posted on what I’m doing.  Here’s the first paragraph of a short children’s story I’ve just begun.  I intend … Continue reading

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