A snippet of a new story.

Redon, The Crying Spider

Not a very long post today.  I’m working on some other writing.  But I thought I would keep my beloved readers posted on what I’m doing.  Here’s the first paragraph of a short children’s story I’ve just begun.  I intend this to be the first of many short parables and fables.  Please let me know what you think!

“In a cold bedroom lit blue by a cold moon, a girl shivers beneath a threadbare blanket.  Her eyes are not closed.  In fact, she has not slept at all; her shivering has kept her awake.  There is another blanket draped over the back of the corner rocking chair, but she has not moved to get it.  The girl is afraid, because above the rocking chair where the corner meets the ceiling, a spider is waiting.  For what has the spider been waiting?  We cannot be sure, but the girl is nearly certain it has been waiting for her to get the other blanket.”


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