Standing under a clear sky in rain boots.

I’ve been stressing about school again.  And you’re shocked, I know.  But I promise I won’t be as long-winded about it this time as I was a week ago.  I shouldn’t be taking a break from my studying to blog at 10:30 anyway.  I have Logic at 7:30 in the morning.  And a presentation to give at 9.  And a quiz at noon. And a Biology exam at 1:30.

Yep.  Now I’m depressed.

Well, not really.  I was depressed and frustrated about fifteen minutes ago because I can’t decipher this stupid syllabus, but then my brother interrupted my negativity to tell me the stars are gorgeous tonight.  So I put on my rain boots over my PJ pants and went out in what’s left of the snow.

Outside the ring of porch light, the sky is inky black tonight.  The Moon is small and clear and bright.  She hangs above Orion, whose bow is drawn to loose an arrow at Taurus.  Sirius the Faithful playfully bounds along, ever at Orion’s heel.  Cassiopeia, the Queen, watches over the hunt with her menagerie at her left hand, Lion and Bear.  All this rush takes place boldly, so vibrant it almost quivers with energy.  So swiftly you can nearly see the wheel of sky turning.  Such wild reverie, and not a trace of chaos.  Such motion, and not an ounce of commotion.  Such commanding power, never making a sound.


Suddenly I feel small.  And that is good, because if I am small then my mistakes must be small indeed.  I feel clumsy in my slushy boots, gawking at the Dance above me.  And that is good, because if I am clumsy, then I can admire grace.  I feel completely incapable of comprehending this Ceiling.  And that is good, because if I cannot comprehend, then I can wonder.



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4 Responses to Standing under a clear sky in rain boots.

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve never liked when someone said they were “small” in relation to the universe. Perhaps it’s too true. I feel that we are as big as the universe, because without our self their would be no universe to us. Sure, it would all go on without us, but not for us. Still, I think you have captured something important here. Especially with the last few words.

    -The Archmage

    • leahrayanne says:

      Thanks for bringing up such a good point, Joe. It reminds me of a post I read yesterday on a friend’s blog. It said “there’s just no point in saving the earth if no one’s around to enjoy it.” In an older blog, the same author wrote “the earth is never…more important than the humans circling the sun on it.”

      To (almost) quote Gandalf the Grey, humans “really are amazing creatures.” And beautiful though she may be, the moon will never shed a tear of sympathy. Orion may be majestic, but he will never save a life. A star may be breathtaking, but it will never forgive. The sky may be grand, but it will never love. Each of us is capable of every last one of these miracles. And while it is good for us to be humbled by celestial grandeur (as I was last night), our own grand potential should give us a feeling of importance indeed.

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Thank you for allowing me to fill my nerd quota for the day with the Lord of the Rings quote. But most of all, thank you for making me think beyond my own imperfect blog post. I hope you return!

      P.S., here are the links to my friend’s blog post and his older blog, respectively.

  2. Brandon says:

    7 billion vastly significant specks.
    Now that’s a mystery to leave you wondering.

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