Now we have but one choice.

Autumn is losing steam.  Has anyone else noticed this?  This morning was bitterly cold, and the afternoon hasn’t been much better.  Now, I’ve always prided myself on appreciating all the seasons, not just the mild-mannered ones.  But this morning really tried my theory.  I don’t mind Winter.  Truly, I don’t.  In some ways, it’s my favorite season.  It brings my two favorite days of the year– Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.  There’s no better time of year to enjoy a cup of tea and a roaring fire.

So what is it that gave me such a sense of dread this morning?  I’ve come to the conclusion it isn’t Winter itself.  I’m not afraid of Winter.

I’m afraid of facing Winter.

Does that make sense?  It’s a daunting thing, when you think about it.  Autumn is basically done.  The leaves have all fallen.  The pumpkins have all been carved.  Crisp afternoons have given way to bitter ones.

I won’t be warm outside for months.  I’m going to be wearing layers of bulky clothing for months. My knuckles are going to crack and bleed for months.  My nose is going to run constantly for months.

I know, I know.  I’m supposed to be your personal unfailing optimist.  No, this post hasn’t been written by guest-blogger Michael Ulrich.  I’m just a little unenthusiastic about traipsing for miles across the Ball State campus when it’s twenty below.  Have I really survived it for the past three years?  Surely not.

And I really don’t have any cheerful way to end this post.  My fingers are still too frozen from being outside an hour ago.  Maybe the happy ending will come in the form of another post in a few days when I come to terms with the impending Winter.  Or maybe I won’t be happy about it until there’s snow on the ground.  For now, I can only say this, and I wonder how many of you will get the reference:

Now we have but one choice…we must face the long dark of Winter.


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3 Responses to Now we have but one choice.

  1. Arquibus says:

    Be on your guard, Leah. There are older and fouler things than Orcs in the cold places of the world…

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