The world from a tire swing.

Charles and I decided to go to the Fort tonight to soak up the sunshine and relative warmth.  After a lovely hike, I enjoyed a tire swing while my man went to get the car.  Left alone for a few minutes in the dusk, I was suddenly captivated by the world around me caught somewhere between Winter and Spring.  I twirled in a slow circle, taking in the full moon rising over the pond in the East and the fragile-looking silhouettes of bare trees against the pink and purple Western horizon.  Almost directly above me, Jupiter was already shining clear and bright and small, before any of the stars.  I breathed deeply, drinking in the fresh, cold air, and I realized just how long it had been since I let myself be completely captivated by the world.

It seems fitting in a way that I left this blog in late Autumn, promising to write just as soon as I came to terms with Winter, and then I didn’t show my face again until February started acting like April.  That’s probably about how long it’s been since I last took the time to spin around on a tire swing and admire Creation.  Maybe it’s because our Winter was mild and muddy instead of frosty and white.  Believe me, I’m not complaining.  It’s been nice for a change to go through December and January without “traipsing for miles across the Ball State campus when it’s twenty below.”  That’s what I was hoping to avoid in my last post, right?  I got what I wanted.  But I’m starting to see now that perhaps Winter’s beauty lies in its bitterness.  You have to let the wind bite your cheeks if you want to find yourself in a moonlit wood among black trees and blue snow with big, soft flakes falling all around.

For whatever reason, other than one evening in December which happened exactly like I just described, I think I more or less missed those moments this Winter.  But you’d better believe I’m not going to this Spring.


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2 Responses to The world from a tire swing.

  1. “Winter’s beauty lies in its bitterness.” ~ Indeed it does. Nice post, I really enjoyed it.

    • leahrayanne says:

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, Greg! I briefly checked out your blog as well, and it certainly looks like someplace where I need to spend more time. I loved your “The Ice is Blue” poem! Thanks for stopping by ODP, and I hope you come back!

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