Why One Dead Poet?

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”

-Henry David Thoreau

If you’re wondering what’s up with my blog title, you should probably stop reading right here (okay, maybe at the end of this page) and go watch The Dead Poets Society.  Do yourself that favor.  The blog title will make a lot more sense if you do.  And your life might just be a little bit more meaningful.

But just in case you’re going to wait to watch the DPS until tomorrow (because I know you are going to watch it), I’ll try to capture the essence of One Dead Poet in a nutshell: You may feel invincible today.  You may do something great today.  But tomorrow you will be fertilizing daffodils.  So seize the day.  Make your life extraordinary.  Because tomorrow we will all be dead poets.

I feel the need to thank Jesse Miller for making me watch the DPS for the first time a couple of summers ago.  It’s probably one of the most important movies I’ll ever see.  And I should also thank him for the Tazo Zen I’m drinking right now.  And for the Guster I’m listening to.

7 Responses to Why One Dead Poet?

  1. dead poets society… tazo zen tea… stop stealing my favorite things!

  2. leahrayanne says:

    Stop making me hum stuff from The Sound of Music!

  3. Sarah says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog! yeah, i was talking about the indiana camp tecumseh. i grew up in west lafayette and now live in bloomington. when i go to trader joe’s its always in Indy so maybe I’ve seen you there! 🙂 small world!

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